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Mobil Tri Lifter


Chicopee Industrial Contractors is pleased to announce it’s newest acquisition of heavy equipment moving apparatus, the Mobile Tri Lifter. The TL150 has the versatility of providing three modes of lifting heavy loads. It can function as a gantry, lifting 100-tons on top of its boom. The boom telescopes up to 12 feet, and functioning as a crane, is capable of lifting and tilting 75-tons. The Tri Lifter, operating as a forklift, has a 50-ton load capacity. Its compactness enables the lift to pass under a 10-foot door, turn on an 18-foot radius, and possesses the mobility to move with its load.


Please contact C.I.C. for further information, technical data, and a comprehensive quotation for cost effective rigging of your heavy equipment.


Recently, CIC was contracted to dismantle and remove three large 20 and 30-ton DeMag bridge cranes for a manufacturing company in Connecticut.  The boom of the TriLifter, serving as a gantry, can lift, maneuver, and lower or raise the crane into position. These cranes were originally installed prior to having the roof built. Contracting CIC to remove the cranes eliminated the need to remove sections of the roof, which would have been a costly endeavor and cost prohibitive.


Technical Specifications TL150BW


• Maximum Lifting Capacity - 75 tons

• Lift Height - 9’10” to 24’9”

• Weight without Counterweight - 20 tons

• Weight with Counterweight - 35 tons

• Transmission - Hydrostatic drives mounted on front wheel

• Boom Extension - 10 feet

• Boom Controls - Hydro/electric

• Engine - Ford V-64.2 litre (Dual fuel: gas and propane)

• Overall Length - 15’9

• W/ Counterweight - 20’9

• Width - 7’7

• Load Management System with digital display and automatic overload shut-off

• Maximum travel speed - 320’/per minute









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