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CHICOPEE- Chicopee Industrial Contractors, Inc., headed by Carol Campbell, offers manufacturing companies both regionally, nationally and even internationally a “permanent solution to your temporary problems.”


Started by Campbell in 1992, the company that utilizes millwrights, riggers, truckers and relocation consultants has assisted companies such as Spalding and Smith & Wesson move, fix or construct equipment or add to existing lines. “We don’t do just jobs,” Campbell said, “we build relationships.” Rigging, in Campbell’s terms, is the “moving, installation, leveling and alignment of production machinery and equipment and a millwright is the maintenance mechanic for such equipment.”


An astute and savvy businesswoman, Campbell herself has a business background, having been employed with the University of Massachusetts in her first incarnation. She now runs a thriving business, employing 20 or more employees depending on the job, and maintaining access to specialists as well. CIC, now registering $2 million in sales every year, is an exclusive rigger for turn-key machinery. “Our whole philosophy is quality customer satisfaction and continuous improvement,” Campbell said, noting her employees are on-call 24 hours a day. CIC provides the labor, skill, experience and necessary hand tools.


Chicopee Industrial Contractors, Inc., has been named an Authorized Independent Dealer for Gold Seal Steel Buildings, Inc., of Denver, CO. Through this affiliation, CIC can now actually build new structures to provide even more solutions for companies wishing to expand. “This is a good match for an industrial contracting company. We have the labor force with the experience and expertise on staff to provide turn-key installation, or to deliver to a job site and offload,” Campbell said in announcing the alliance. “But more important, this is a good match based on our corporate philosophies. Gold Seal Steel Buildings, Inc. shares our corporate philosophy of quality of product and service with a guarantee of delivery supported by a proven track record.”


For more information on Chicopee Industrial Contractors, Inc., call 538-7279. CIC is situated at 107 North Chicopee St., just after the underpass in Willimansett.






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