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Your project is too important to leave to chance. That's especially true when it comes to Safety.  At Chicopee Industrial Contractors, we don't treat safety as an after thought or a necessary inconvenience. We engineer it into each and every project we undertake from the very beginning. Simply put, if the job isn't being done with safety at the forefront, it's being done wrong.


What's more, Chicopee Industrial Contractors, dedication to safety extends throughout every stage of the project. Driven by field feedback, training, management audits and, most of all, senior management commitment, we have achieved an outstanding level of success in protecting our people, customers and equipment-as well as the integrity of your project.




Chicopee Industrial Contractors is committed to quality through continuous improvement and cross training. This commitment is documented with our in-depth and intensive training program that incorporates both the hard and soft skills with a thorough safety program.



Here are our current Safety Committee members: 

Member since 2010, GINA HAWK

Member since 2011, TOM DART
Member since 2012, PAUL SAPOUCKEY

Member since 2013, RON COTE

Our Safety and Health Mission


 Chicopee Industrial Contractors is committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. This commitment is supported with an in-depth safety-training program that includes on the job safety training, classroom training and required online training.


At CIC, Safety First, Integrity Always!






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