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Moves High School Monument


Chicopee Industrial Contractors Moves High School Monument 
The Chamber Exchange - Chicopee Chamber of Commerce 


It's no easy job and no one had to do it


It seemed like a small job just move the cornerstone from the old Chicopee Comprehensive High School and store it until it finds a new home when the new school is finished.


It started with the concern of a Chicopee resident. Jack Valley of Mountainview Street, who saw the monument, below, resting precariously on a two by four at the construction site. His love for the city of Chicopee and his interest in its history prompted him to call Gail A. Sherman, President of the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce to see if a Chamber member could help save the stone from harm. She in turn asked Carol Campbell of Chicopee Industrial Contractors, (CIC), if her rigging company could help. Principal Stanley Kozikowski added his wish to save the marker; and Campbell, without hesitation, offered to move the stone to her facility and store it until it finds its new home.


Employees of Chicopee Industrial Contractors, Tom Canady on the ground and Miguel Negron in the forklift work slowly and carefully to load the stone on the flatbed, also provided by CIC. The job took over an hour to orchestrate - all donated by CIC.






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