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CIC Offers Solutions


CIC Offers Solutions 
The Chicopee Register’s Business Review 


CHICOPEE- Chicopee Industrial Contractors Inc. (CIC), headed by Carol Campbell, offers “a permanent solution to temporary problems: to manufacturing companies regionally, nationally, and across the globe.


Started by Campbell in 1992, the company utilizes millwrights, riggers, truckers, and relocation consultants to assist companies such as Top-Flite and Smith and Wesson, move, fix or construct equipment. Providing the best customer service possible is the company’s key to success. “We don’t just do jobs, we build relationships,” said Campbell.


Campbell’s company is thriving, employing 20 or more workers, depending on the job, and maintaining access to specialists as well. You won’t find better employees than those at CIC, as they are constantly trained and highly skilled. Campbell is proactive in making sure workers have the very best knowledge to utilize on the job. It benefits not only the employee, but the customer. “Our whole philosophy is quality customer satisfaction and continuous improvement,” said Campbell.


CIC has been on the move lately, providing its services to clients as far away as China, and to customers in U.S. cities including Chicago and San Diego. CIC had a strong year in 2003, and has started 2004 looking “very good,” said Campbell. The company will focus on upgrading its equipment and expanding its fleet.


Campbell makes a point to give back to the community. She’s served on the Board of Directors of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts (AIM), the Board of Directors of the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce, and is a member of the Rotary Club of Chicopee. The company is an exclusive rigger for turn-key machinery. It can build new structures to provide solutions for companies wishing to expand.


For more information on Chicopee Industrial Contractors, call 538-7279. CIC is located at 107 North Chicopee Street, just after the underpass in Willimansett.






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